Increase Internet Visibility and Revenues, without risk!

When it comes to promoting your campground on the internet, there's no such thing as too much exposure.

While crucial to your web site's success, meaningful site content, design, and skillful search engine optimization aren't the only means to increase web site visibility and profits. The CampRes Campground Affiliates Referral Program offers another approach that has proven to increase site traffic, expand trade networks, and save campgrounds valuable marketing time and energy. An Affiliate partnership does the work of marketing and promotions for you, broadening your potential internet audience and increasing bookings.

The Campground Affiliate Program is smart and simple. CampRes will pair your campground with businesses from our Affiliate Network or your own list of contacts that are likely to appeal to your potential guests. Any business with a web site that agrees to partner with your campground can be your affiliate, such as a neighboring RV dealer, local museum, or popular theme park.

Your affiliates' web sites will include a unique line of HTML code that allows your campground's profile, site, and package information to be displayed on their web page. If a booking on your web site results, the affiliate will receive a reasonable commission agreed upon by both parties, but only after your guest has checked out. Unlike pay-per-click campaigns, this pay-per-performance method ensures that you'll never pay for a service unless it actually makes your business money.

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