Authorize.Net is the #1 provider of online transaction authorization services. As an Authorize.Net partner, CampRes has tightly integrated's full range of credit card and E-check services into the CampRes System.

Smartmax is a leading developer of mail server software, integrating the latest developments in software design to create superior mail server products. All CampRes clients benefit from the reliability and security of the Smartmax mail server software hosted on our servers.

Thawte's range of digital certificate products adds the elements of trust and integrity to all forms of information in transit over the Internet, ensuring peace of mind and protection. The company has the full backing of VeriSign, while it maintains full autonomy in its day-to-day business.

WebTrends is the leading provider of solutions for managing, securing and analyzing all key components of any Internet marketing effort—from hits and unique visitors to ROI and banner loads. The CampRes WebTrends Reporting Center Enterprise Edition provides CampRes clients relevant actionable insight on web visitor behavior and the information needed to make smarter web-business decisions.

Dell is the world's leading computer systems company. All CampRes Systems are hosted on state-of-the-art Dell servers located in our on-site hosting facility.

All CampRes hosting and database server hardware utlitizes the advanced performance and security of Windows Server software products.