RV Park Website Reservation Software

Ready to quickly and smoothly streamline your web site with your RV Park's booking and customer service operations?

CampRes Interactive makes it easy.

Mobile-Friendly Certified

CampRes Interactive website RV Park website reservation software is mobile-friendly certified for use with any smart phone, tablet or desktop computer.

Our reservation software resides within your CampRes website, eliminating the need to link-out to another website. By booking reservations on your own website, we eliminate a common frustration of smart-phone users trying to reserve online; getting navigated away from your website while trying to access your RV Park's booking interface.

An often overlooked limitation of these "bolted-on" booking engines is the lack of visitor and conversion analytics. The unique integration of our reservation software directly into your CampRes website will empower you with advanced Google Analytics Reporting of website visitor information as well as detailed revenue and conversion reporting

No Per-booking transaction fees

We do not charge per-transaction fees; Our fees are based on an affordable fixed monthly amount.

Happy campers means more website reservations

CampRes' unique reservation technology is built behind the scenes into every page of your CampRes web site. With this method, booking becomes more user-friendly, and more in tune with the design, search engine optimization, and promotion of the rest of your site.

Showcase your campsites & rental units

Presenting detailed information and images of your various sites and rentals units engages visitors and enables them to confidently book on-line. The CampRes Interactive unit displays include scrolling image carousels for each of your different site and rental unit types, descriptive narratives, amenities and specific rate policies.

Visually simple, technically advanced daily rate displays that fill your park

We are especially proud that, at a casual glance, our reservation interfaces appear simple.

Take a deeper look and you'll see clear, easy to read daily rate displays that allow visitors to interactive much in the same way they would while booking with a phone reservationist; "what if we arrive Thursday instead of Friday", " Is there a discount if we stay 3 nights?" or " Do you offer a Good Sam discount?". As your prospective guests update possible arrive and departure dates, rates, availability, length of stay discounts and minimum length of stay requirements are instantly updated and displayed.

Reservation Check-out screens that think like people think.

Our check-out screen allows guests to leave the check-out page, continue browsing your website, add additional campsites, compare date periods and return to their reservation without having to start the entire booking process from the start.

Inventory & Rate Management Console

Simple to use and equipped with powerful rate management tools, our Management Console gives you complete control of the inventory you make available to your website.

  • Manage daily rates by date, weekday or date range
  • Apply minimum length of stay rules by unit type and date
  • Create length of stay discounts by unit type and date
  • Create and manage Promo Codes
  • Create special prevailing rates by unit type and date
  • Create and manage Package offers
  • Manage availability, "Black-outs" and "Closed to arrival" dates.

Promo Codes & Landing Pages

Are you offering a special rate on selected units to a group?

Want to track reservation production from an off-site marketing effort?

Our Promo Code system allows you to easily define promotional rates for one or more of your unit types. Promo codes can be entered on the website, or you can chose to create and distribute a branded link. Either way, the Promo Code will control which inventory is displayed, at the rates and dates you define.

When used together with Promo Codes, Landing Pages welcome visitors with targeted text and images. When creating your landing pages, choose to include Reservation, Coupon or Inquiry interfaces.