CampRes Interactive Social Marketing Services

A strong social marketing presence is an integral component of a successful hospitality marketing strategy. CampRes Interactive provides professional social marketing consulting services to optimize the success of your social marketing effort.

We offer a number of different levels of service to fit your particular requirements. Often clients just need help and direction with getting started with their social presence. For others, we assume all day-to-day management.

Consulting includes the review of any and all existing online identities. This includes research, consolidation, and/or deletion of profiles and pages as appropriate.

The scope of services can also include the creation of new profiles (as needed) for Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube.

All existing and new profiles and pages will be optimized for success. This includes URL optimization, branding, graphic design, content clean up, content input, photo clean up, photo uploads, cross-linking of accounts, and the addition of tabs and features for special offers, contests and email sign-up.

CampRes Interactive can also provide a Social Marketing Road Map with daily, weekly, and monthly tasks and milestone recommendations.

Additionally, your CampRes Interactive website itself will make it easy for site visitors to share content to social media and engage with your staff with the implementation of "like" and "share" features.

Social marketing will connect previous and future guests with your property and website, and improve search engine rankings and overall visibility of your brand. CampRes interactive consulting services will ensure that your presence is positive, engaging, and impactful.

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