Website Performance Report

Learn how to improve your most valuable marketing tool

The secret to a successful website is keeping it current with the ever-changing internet landscape, tracking it's performance and using that information to improve its effectiveness.

Our Performance Report provides you with a clear picture of how your website is performing and specific recommendations that will help your website gain more visitors and increased reservations. The preparation of your report is a terrific way for you to learn about our capabilities and services, but please keep in mind, there is no cost or obligation.

Your report will include:

Key Internet Influence Factors:

Competitive Inbound Link Report
Compares the number of links existing on other websites which point toward your website as compared to up to three of your competitors. Many search engines, including Google place high importance on the number and quality of inbound links pointing to a web page while determining its ranking.
Search Engine Index Report
Reflects how many pages of your website have been spidered, indexed and exist in each of the major search engines. The greater the number of pages found, the greater the likelihood the site will rank well and benefit from the resulting traffic of those rankings.
Search Phrase Position Report
Utilizing the most commonly used keywords and search phrases for your location, the report reflects the ranking of your website for each keyword on the top search engines and compares them to the rankings of your top competitors.
Social Media Performance
Reports on the performance of the homepage of your website on social media sites and compares it to your top competitors.

Key Website Influence Factors:

Mobile Compatibility Test
Today over 55% of website visits are made on a mobile phone or tablet; is your site mobile-friendly? This report reflects your sites Google mobile-friendly status and includes visuals of how your site appears on mobile phones and tablets.
Search Engine Optimization Report
This report reflects a thorough analysis of the optimization techniques and tactics used throughout your website.
Social Media Integration Report
This report reflects how effectively your site is integrated with the top social media platforms.
Internal link analysis
Reports on any broken links and the search engine effectiveness of all links within your site.
Site Content Report
This report reflects how the content available on your website performs on our top 4 search engine visibility factors.
Site Navigation & View-ability Analysis:
Presented in narrative form, this report analyzes your site navigation and its view-ability to site visitors.
Site E-commerce Analysis:
Presented in narrative form, this report analyzes your sites e-commerce functionality.
Site Security Analysis:
Presented in narrative form, this report addresses security issues with your web site structure and its functionality.

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